Climb Online – Advice to UK Businesses

If you are a UK business that has watched the hit show 'The Apprentice' where Lord Alan Sugar hired Australian Mark Wright as the 2014 Apprentice winner with his business idea of setting up a Digital Marketing company. You may be thinking about hiring this company to help get your website up the pecking order, or as us SEO consultants call it ranking higher. Then you should read on.

As a new Digital Marketing company also started in 2015 (although with over 6 years of SEO experience as a freelancer) I wanted to provide a guide to help UK businesses make an informed decision about taking out SEO services from any business that offer Cheap SEO, and not just Mark Wright's new venture

Some Facts about Mark Wright & Climb Online

Mark Wright's Background

Experience - Mark Wright used to work for a company called ReachLocal for almost 2 years as can be seen on his LinkedIn page.

You will see that he was a Sales Manager for 1 year and also a Senior Internet Marketing Consultant. So in theory he should understand all about technical SEO and not just the jargon!

2 year's experience is not a great deal of knowledge, although this does not mean he cannot rank a website on page 1.

Active in SEO Community - Mark only registered his twitter account on December 8th.


I did a simple site search on a main stream SEO community site to try and find him.


1 result came up which was but it appears to be another Mark Wright based in Boston from further research. Also Mark doesn't appear to have worked in Boston from his LinkedIn profile. So I'm pretty sure this is not him.

He doesn't appear to have been in the SEO community at all prior to this. I would hedge my bets that he has never been an SEO consultant, but an account manager for Reach Local. So he is good at sales and may understand some buzz words in the industry!

Climb Online Website

The business brand name that was mentioned on the show was called Climb Online. Quite a good name for an SEO business, although upon further research you can see that an Existing mountain climbing business is using It does not appear that this website will be used by the Apprentice winner. is currently the holding page for what will most likely be the company website. It is worth noting that it took a long while for them to get a landing page up. This domain was registered on 16th June 2014 by Registrant Amsvest Limited, most likely at the time of recording the 2014 Apprentice.

This domain information can be found -

A hyphenated domain for a £250,000 business! Having to say climb hyphen online dot co dot uk over the phone is a bit of a mouthful, but I guess the hyphen was to avoid any confusion for people using 'clim bon line'. However I'm sure they may invest in purchasing either or at a later date and if they can negotiate a reasonable price. If I was the owner of either of those domains I'd be putting a high price tag on the domain.

Is there website ranking yet? No, not a good start for a company offering to help rank other peoples websites. Carl Hendy has done a handy rank checker here ( to save you trawling through hundreds of pages in the Google index.

*Update, their site is now ranking, however looking at the link profile, the links look very spammy and I don't think it will be long before the site gets penalised by Google.

Their current website has a canonical issue; both the www and non www show the same page. This may cause duplicate content issues.

The logo looks quite smart, although to me the dark green line shows a decline. Probably what will happen to your website if you use their services and below is why I think you should do your research before taking out any SEO services!

Outsourced SEO

Mark mentioned in the boardroom on the Apprentice that he will be outsourcing the technical work. He also stated about offering a personal service to his Customers. How can you offer a personal service when you outsource the grunt of the work?

How is Mark going to know if his chosen outsourced so called experts truly know what they are doing when he doesn't appear to know much in the way of SEO himself? Perhaps Mark will be partnering up with his previous company Reachlocal so he can bring in the business and simply pass on those leads through their partner program!

A simple google search for reach local reviews will show up some not very good things.


Please consider the above advice when looking to take on a Digital Marketing agency to help your business Climb Online.

For a better alternative to Digital Marketing, please consider Peak Digital UK. Have a browse around my website and get in contact with me for a chat. I can discuss your business needs online and help you achieve top results.

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