Peak Digital has officially opened for business

Welcome to Peak Digital, a UK based SEO company setup by SEO consultant, Gary Yeardley. After getting more and more requests by local business owners to help them with search engine optimisation I finally decided to do this as a proper business. I have been doing freelance SEO work for the past few years now and also optimising and ranking my own websites since 2009. I am now happy to announce the launch of my brand new website I hope you like it!

The goal for my company is to become the most trusted SEO service in the UK. Ambitious yes but I am passionate about success and driven by results.

I now have a very big mountain to climb!

Have a browse around my website. I’ll be adding more content regular related to industry news, case studies and anything else that I feel will be valuable to both my clients and anyone else wanting to learn more about the SEO industry.

Just like any new startup business, it can be a daunting task. Every business owner will hope that their business is successful and that their Customers love their product or service and come back for more. This leads me onto my plug… If you wish to follow me on twitter, like my Facebook page, share my content, link to it if you find it valuable, ask questions or just wish me luck, then please do so. You can leave a comment with any questions and I’d be happy to answer them. I really appreciate any support in helping me succeed.