Why is SEO beneficial?

Search Engine Optimisation is an investment that will give you a better return in the long run, especially when compared to many other forms of marketing. Here are just a few advantages why SEO is beneficial to your business

10 Great Search Engine Optimisation Benefits

  1. Targeted Traffic
    Consider this, you pay for a Radio advert, this gets aired out to thousands of potential Customers but how many of them will convert into a lead or sale. It’s too difficult to say and not that easy to track. Not all of these listeners will be thinking about purchasing your product or hiring your services. With search, you can appear right in the front of a potential Customer that’s actively searching for what your business is selling.

  3. Fixed Costs
    SEO is most often a fixed monthly cost, unlike Paid search (PPC) where you effectively pay for each visitor that clicks through to your website from the sponsored search results. Often the cost of paid search is more expensive and will also vary in how much you pay for each click. Generally the cost of pay per click is much higher and why more businesses are looking for SEO services.

  5. Brand Awareness
    If you appear higher in search engines, your brand will be visible to more customers. They will also more likely trust in your brand if it’s near the top of the results. SEO helps build your brand.

  7. Cost Effective
    Your investment in SEO will be higher at the beginning reducing over time. This gives a greater long term investment as your site grows in traffic and your costs are reduced. Unlike paid search, this will continue to grow with time as more businesses come online, meaning there will be more competition paying for Ads and bidding higher on AdWords to bring in the targeted traffic.

    SEO should not be looked at as a cost, but an investment and offers a much greater ROI potential. 

  8. Measurable Results
    Each part of an SEO campaign can be measured against key performance indicators. You can understand more about the search traffic, demographics, where visitors came from, what they search for and more. You can’t do this with offline marketing.

  10. Higher Click-Through-Rate
    There have been many case studies done on CTR rates. It is proven time after time that organic search delivers a higher percentage of click-through rates compared to paid search. If you appear no 1, you can expect approx. 32% of the overall search traffic for that specific search phrase, compared to approx. 15% for appearing in the sponsored results (paid listings). This will vary depending on the industry, but overall shows how SEO can convert more traffic.

  12. Search Engine Optimisation = Positive User Experience
    Part of any SEO campaign will start with an audit to highlight potential onsite issues, this could be a missing sitemap, bad site structure, website is slow, high bounce rate etc. All of which could be impacting the visitor user experience to your site regardless of where the visitor came from (radio or display advertising, direct traffic, traffic from newsletter referrals or even paid traffic). The job of an SEO Consultant will be to advise and improve the website to aid user experience and this will have a positive effort on all types of traffic to your site, not just search.

  14. Business runs 24x7
    Customers can find you anytime of the day, even when your office is closed, why not take those leads or website enquiries and follow up with them the next day. Ranking organically in search results allows you to gain more customers 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

  16. SEO benefits Social Media
    Appearing higher in search results for your brand, service and/or products is great for additional sales, but also beneficial for gaining extra social media exposure. By getting extra traffic to your site will allow more people to like, share, tweet or even link to your content which builds up more popularity for your brand.

  18. Beat your competition
    Become the leader and own the biggest slice of the search engine pie leaving your competition behind. Set yourself apart from other similar companies by beating them in the search engine wars. Why let the competition be more successful that your company. SEO is a must for any business by opening up more opportunities to grow faster and build up more customers.

In an ideal world, you would want to try and have a range of both offline and online marketing efforts to help grow your business, however budgets limit this. Where should you spend your marketing budget? I would say the benefit that SEO gives clearly out performs other marketing methods.

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